Riot at Full Sutton prison linked to Woolwich killing

Full Sutton maximum security prison, York

Police are investigating whether an alleged attack on a prison guard was inspired by the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

The guard was reportedly kidnapped and beaten after extremists at Full Sutton jail near York reacted to a request from the prison imam to pray for Drummer Rigby.

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Police confirmed that three prisoners, who were allegedly led by a notorious al Qaeda fanatic, were involved in the attack.

The prison guard has reportedly suffered a broken jaw and was only freed after prison officers in riot gear stormed the room where he was being held.

A prison service spokesman said, “An incident involving three prisoners took place at HMP Full Sutton on Sunday May 26 from 4.25pm and was successfully resolved at 8.40pm after staff intervened.” A police investigation is looking into the attack.

The Sun reports that a female guard was also injured as she tried to stop the inmates from dragging away her male colleague, who is in his 30s.


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