‘I think everyone knows who will be at Chelsea’

© Laszlo Szirtesi / Shutterstock.com

Rafa Benitez, Chelsea’s Spanish coach, suggested today that Portuguese Jose Mourinho will succeed him on the bench at Stamford Bridge when this season ends. “Next year will be another coach,” said the Spaniard, who replaced Italian Roberto Di Matteo last November: “I think everyone knows who will be here,” said Benitez, who has already announced he will not continue at Chelsea after May.

The British press gives is almost certain that Jose Mourinho could return to Chelsea next season and considers the date of July 1 for the incorporation of the Portuguese coach to blue wardrobe.  The speculations about his possible return to London were heightened last week after the elimination of Real Madrid in the Champions League, when Mourinho said he just wants to stay, where he is wanted.


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