Big Brother rules entrenched in our existence

AN ILLUSION: The freedom we think we enjoy in our western society.

MAKE no mistake, ‘Big Brother’ is not only alive and kicking but is firmly entrenched in every waking and sleeping moment of our very existence.

The only mistake made by George Orwell was to underestimate the deviousness of those who implement the State’s manipulative power. The announcement this week that, should they exceed demand, electrical appliances in our homes could be automatically shut down and, heaven preserve us, the government plans to restrict the amount of sugar in jam, are yet more examples of how our freedom is slowly but surely being stripped away.

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The ‘freedom’ we think we enjoy in our western society is nothing more than an illusion, a ploy created by the power mad money moguls who literally have the ways and the means to control our very lives and deaths.

The first time this situation became alarmingly clear to me was during the Perfumo / Christine Keeler affair back in the 60’s. For reasons far too long to discus in this short blurb, I had a quite considerable insight into this whole sordid affair and clearly remember Stephen Ward, one of the main accused, standing in the dock and, knowing the case had gone firmly against him, asking almost bewilderedly if no one was going to come forward in his defense.

By ‘no one’, he of course meant those in high positions also involved in the scandal who he had so far not mentioned.  Realising that no one was indeed going to step up and save him from imprisonment, the very next day he would undoubtedly have publicly revealed the names of the ‘others’, including a member of the royal family.

That night he ‘committed suicide’. Ha! He took his own life in the same way as decades later David Kelly also instigated his own demise rather than continue to blow the whistle on the British government’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’ affair, (results of post mortem ordered to be kept under wraps for the next seventy years!)

Give us a break. Make no mistake, if you or I threaten the establishment, irrespective of who we think we’ve chosen to lead us, they will stop at nothing, including murder, to make sure their exulted positions remain unassailable.

We are all only as ‘free’ as we are allowed to think we are. We do in fact all live in a giant open prison, an establishment where we are allowed to do almost anything except buck the system. Threaten the controllers and you really could wind up conveniently committing suicide, or as some of the less subtle hierarchy has demonstrated, have a radioactive needle shoved in yer behind.

Have a good day. Keep those letters coming. Don’t worry; primavera is, so I’m told, just around the corner.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy  –


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