Immigrants trying to enter Melilla attack rescuers

Immigrants attacked rescuers

GUARDIA CIVIL who went to the rescue of 15 illegal immigrants stranded at sea were attacked with sticks and knives.

The immigrants were on a boat about two miles from the North African enclave of Melilla, and were attempting to reach the coast, but were in difficulty due to storms.

The Guardia Civil approached, carrying thermal blankets and a first aid kit. However, the Sub-Saharan immigrants attacked them with sticks and knives, injuring all six of the agents.

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They failed to obey them while they were being taken ashore, and threw stones at the Guardia Civil officers who were waiting for them on dry land.

Five of them were detained, the other 10 managed to escape into Melilla city.

The injured officers were taken for treatment.

This is not the first time armed immigrants have attempted to enter Melilla. Recently there have been groups of immigrants attempting to jump the fence separating the city from Morocco. Some of them are armed and have been violent towards the authorities.

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