Wet and windy weather returns to Spain for weekend

Wet weather for Easter travellers

Just as some people are planning to set off on their Easter holidays the wet and windy weather has returned.

This weekend the western part of Andalucía will be hit by torrential rain and storms due to a cold front coming over from the Atlantic. Extremadura will also be affected as well as the north-western region of Galicia

The Canary Islands can expect heavy rains, thunder and lightning, but the south and east of Spain and the Balearic Islands it is less likely and they should escape most of the bad weather.

By Sunday, strong winds could affect most of the mainland and the Balearic Islands, but cloudless skies will return to the Canaries.

In most of central Spain, daytime temperatures are expected to fall over the weekend.

Some regions in Spain will have a bank holiday on Maundy Thursday, March 28 and Good Friday, March 29 in place of Easter Monday. Many Spaniards are expected to take the first three days of next week off work, setting off today (Friday) for a full week’s break. 


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