Recycling plant goes up in flames

Fire on Industrial estate, Malaga

RECYCLING plant Recisur on Malaga’s Villa Rosa Industrial Estate was gutted by fire.

Malaga Safety Councillor, Julio Andrade, reported that there were only two people at the plant when the fire started, reportedly when a metal element of a forklift scraped against some glass and caused a spark. As the plant was full of recycled paper, cardboard and plastic, the fire quickly spread.

Its proximity to the airport caused some alarm amongst people who saw the column of thick black smoke at around 3pm on Wednesday. Firemen, Local and National Police arrived quickly on the scene, including two teams of firemen from Malaga Airport. However, the airport was not affected and the train also continued to run normally.

One side of the warehouse has reportedly collapsed and despite the work of the firemen, the fire may continue to burn for several days. Some nearby factories and homes were filled with smoke, but otherwise there was no damage beyond the Recisur factory, or any casualties. 


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