POUND FALLING: Few benefits, especially for Spain’s tourist industry

Take a leaf out of Estonia’s

book to get Spain working

WITH 70 per cent of national laws being imposed by Brussels it is a myth to presume the independence of any EU member state.  Why don’t governments go one stage further and learn from member states?

It can take years to set up a business in Spain and the bureaucracy and running costs of doing so are formidable. The Estonian economy was badly hit but is now doing well. Unemployment is less than 10 per cent. Starting a business is registered online and takes just 18 minutes.  If a member state shows an initiative that works then let us copy it. We need to get Spain working.


Fall from grace

THE British pound’s fall from grace seems to have few benefits. It certainly isn’t good news for Spain’s tourist industry. I still say we undersell ourselves. Business complacency kills quicker than does a downturn. Well run businesses are surviving, some are doing well because they adapt.

Spain still offers the best holiday deals for careful holidaymakers. They will not be lured by tacky bars with names better suited to post-war Rhyl and Margate. There is a tedious monotony of sameness to bars and dress code. England moved on.  It is time the expatriate business community did so too.


Direct savings

TRAVEL AGENTS, like much else, are becoming an extinct species.  I wonder if extortionate profiteering and client independence hastens their doom.  A Russian friend discussed her needs with her tourist agency when booking a holiday in Europe.  She had already booked her flights leaving just the hotel to be booked by the agent. She was quoted €64 per night.  She booked the same hotel direct at €30 per night thus saving €340 for a 10-day stay. 


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