Fire scare in Madrid clinic where King Juan Carlos is staying

Firemen attended the clinic where the King is recuperating

FIRE broke out in the clinic where King Juan Carlos is presently recuperating.

The fire started at 7.50 am this morning after a small explosion where oxygen is stored.

The room in the Madrid clinic, La Milagrosa, filled with smoke and three people were affected by smoke inhalation.


Several patients had to be evacuated but the King remained in his room which is situated on the opposite part of the clinic to where the fire was.

Four fire engines and five ambulances attended the clinic and the fire was extinguished in 10 minutes. The firefighters checked all the floors of the clinic to check that the smoke had not entered rooms via the air vents.

The National Police cordoned off the area and carried out the usual safety procedures in such events including the police underground investigation group.



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