Top Marbella estate agent battles the crisis

Real estate future looking brighter

TOP Marbella estate agent Kristina Szekely – despite asking for breathing space from creditors – has come out fighting saying the future is bright.

Kristina allegedly owes €250,000 to creditors, according to a local newspaper report. But she said: “I have far more assets than I have obligations. It is just a question of liquidity and waiting for the money from sales to come through.”


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She says that she has filed a legal move to give her breathing space to safeguard the jobs of her company’s  staff.


And insinuations in the media report that the firm’s Gibraltar offices were closed as they were chained shut last week at 5pm have been dismissed.


A company employee when phoned at the office explained that when just one staff member is on duty it is normal practice to lock the door when leaving with a client.


Kristina said: “I am absolutely sure we are through the worst of the nation’s financial crisis.


 “My company is way ahead of last year in terms of sales, it is just a matter of waiting for the money.”


Explaining the legal moves she said: “It is a manoeuvre that the Spanish government permits to help companies get through a difficult time.


“I did not want to downsize and lose staff so I have applied for protection while there is a liquidity problem.


“I am going to keep going and my staff will keep their jobs.”


Talking of the housing market in Spain where she operates she said: “It is as if someone has turned a switch. The real estate market is picking up, the British are starting to invest in their houses and the Germans are starting to return.”


Originally from Hungary, Kristina said that the future looks good and she expects business to keep picking up.


Her company specialises in high end multi-million euro villas in some of the most exclusive areas of the Costa del Sol.  Kristina Szekely Sotheby’s International Realty is the largest Marbella real estate company with eight offices in Madrid, Gibraltar, Sotogrande and Puerto Banus.


It has an exclusive deal with Sotheby’s international.


Kristina is known throughout Marbella society having lived in the town for 30 years. With her bright personality and top drawer connections she has even been called the Queen of Real Estate.

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  1. “The real estate market is picking up, the British are starting to invest in their houses and the Germans are starting to return.”

    Keep saying it, Kristina. Say it often enough and one day it might even be true.


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