Man released after nine years for false imprisionment

Released after nine years for crimes he did not commit

A man who was sentenced to 13 years has been released after serving nine years thanks to his father.

Jose Antonio Valdelvieso, 33, who was accused of crimes he did not commit and wrongly identified has had his case absolved by the Supreme Court.

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He was sentenced in 2002 for attempted manslaughter, robbery with violence and use of firearms with two others who he did not even know. The victims and police informants identified him but he was at the family home in Madrid at the time of the ofence as he had work the following day.

His father, Antonio, 62, searched the streets day and night for information, mixing with all types of people to find out exactly who was the guilty party until he could present full names. He provided evidence that that was not given during the trial by police and the lawyers. Even when his son was prepared to throw in the towel, he once attempted suidice in prison, his father never gave up despite being intimidated by police officers. Today thanks to the efforts of a father who fought for his son’s justice Jose Antonio is free. 

The family are seeking compensation but most importantly is the desire to return to normal life once again.

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