Healthy but tasty treats

NO WORRY: Guilt free chocolates have hit the market.

FINALLY, a chocolate that can be good for you has been created.

Nutritious Delicious truffles have been developed to provide a sweet treat that is not full of sugars, artificial flavours and preservatives. They were created by Carey Davis-Munro from Sussex (UK) who wanted to give her three children a healthy snack without denying them a sweet treat like chocolate.  After struggling to find a suitable product on the market she decided to make her own.

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The Nutritious Delicious truffles are made using healthier dark chocolate and, thanks to Carey’s ingredients, are also high in omegas three, six and nine. A 100 gram serving contains more than 15 per cent of your recommended daily allowance of zinc and magnesium. They contain a low GI sweetener, essential fats, vitamin C and have a high anti-oxidant value.

The truffles come in four flavours; orange, lime, almond and vanilla.


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