Ex Zurgena mayor faces 180 years jail

Ex-mayor facing a long prison sentence for corruption

EX-MAYOR and town councillor of Zurgena, Candido Trabalon, faces a prison sentence of 180 years for his role in a corruption case.

The Almeria Public Prosecutor’s Office will ask for a sentence totalling 180 years and a ban from holding public office of 1,050 years for the socialist Andalucia Party (PA) ex-mayor who formed part of the team that was in coalition with the conservative Popular Party (PP).

He is accused, along with 23 other people including estate agents, promoters and architects, of 120 offences, including falsifying documentation, bribery, and corruption.


On at least two occasions, it is alledged he granted licences for the construction of One Family housing units in areas not designated for construction.  In exchange the construction companies involved built a home and a block of flats on two plots of land belonging to the mayor, it is alleged.



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