Costa Del Sol – News in Brief


Baby Spotted

A BENNET’S WALLABY was born at the Parque del Oeste in Malaga, a local daily reports. The baby, approximately five months old, has been seen in its mother’s pouch and is in good health.



Losing Out

THE price for a kilo of oranges varies 750 per cent from the amount paid to farmers to the price paid in the supermarket. Farmers lose up to €0.07 per kilo of oranges produced and don’t even cover production costs.


Ancient Tree

ONE of the oldest ficus trees at La Concepcion Historical-Botanical Gardens in Malaga was blown down by the wind. The tree was estimated to be almost 170 years old and damaged several others when it fell.


Third time


TREES in Malaga’s Plaza de la Merced are being replanted for the third time. Following an overhaul of the square last year, some of the trees which were planted have not taken and will be replaced. 



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