New leisure motorcycle for small displacements

YOUNG SPIRIT: The Honda MSX125 weighs around 100 kg.

THE new MSX125 carries on the tradition of the original, small-wheeled leisure motorcycle, defined by Honda in 1963 with the iconic Monkey. It is small enough to be supremely manageable yet has a fully-fledged feel thanks to a selection of standard sized motorcycle parts.

Honda’s MSX125 is due on sale in European markets in late spring 2013, no prices given. It is part mini-bike, part motorcycle, with engaging performance matched to confident handling and styling that combines a sense of fun with a tough, urban edge.

The motorcycle is powered by a well-proven 125cc fuel-injected 4-stroke engine, which has been refined by Honda for greater economy and smoother torque and power delivery. It also features a motorcycle-style four-speed gearbox and clutch.

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Complementing the power train is a compact chassis that features a sturdy steel frame, inverted front forks, mono-shock rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear) and lightweight 12-inch (30.5 cm) wheels sporting wide, low profile tyres.


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