Investments to be made to prevent Torrevieja flooding

The government is slowly approving payments towards flood damage

AGAMED is to invest around €3 million in Torrevieja’s infrastructure during 2013.

In particular, it is planned to invest in the drinking water network a total of €987,973 and €723,682  to sanitation, while the storm drainage network has been earmarked an investment of over €1.2 million.

The investments are part of the municipal storm water plan which is being executed by the City, the Department of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Development.


One of the main problem areas during heavy rains is along the CV-905 and so part of the investment will include the installation of a large pipe to carry rainwater away from the road and Limonar II urbanisation.

As part of Agamed’s plans, they will invest in their social aid fun and have agreed to donated €2,300 to the Social Welfare Department of Torrevieja to help purchase food  for the needy.


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