Dog depression

UNHAPPY PUP: Dogs can suffer from depression, just like humans

ANIMALS are prone to feelings like humans.  The latest discovery is depressed dogs.

Although all hounds are susceptible, small, affectionate breeds that tend to be close to their owners are more prone to anxiety and sadness when they’re separated for long periods of time.

Depression in dogs can be triggered by several factors: environmental change, seasonal change, and hormonal imbalance.  Symptoms include refusing to eat or play, isolating itself or scratching without apparent reason, even hair and weight loss, just like humans.


A simple solution is to spend some quality time with your dog.  Take it out of the house for a walk or a jog around the park, coax your pet to play with you in the house, a new dog toy might do the trick. If after doing all these, your dog still refuses to turn around, take it to the vet for a check-up. 


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