Ten years that changed a main ‘artery’

CITY CHRISTMAS: Calle Larios is blooming wit during these days.

IN the decade that has passed since Calle Larios in Malaga was pedestrianised it has become one of the most expensive streets in Spain.

Rentals now cost an average €145 a square metre, making the popular shopping street the sixth most expensive place to rent a shop in Spain.

A study by Cushman & Wakefield consultants showed it to be the most expensive outside Madrid and Barcelona.


In 2004, two years after becoming a pedestrians-only street, Calle Larios had jumped to eighth position in the ranking after average rentals rose by 19.4 per cent.

Nowadays, renting a property in Calle Larios is more expensive than landmark avenues like Colon (Valencia), Tetuan (Sevilla), Las Ramblas and Diagonal (Barcelona) or Gran Via (Bilbao). 


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