Nuns accused of tormenting children

Tormenting children

PARENTS in a town of Galicia have taken their children out of catechism classes because they claim two nuns are “tormenting” them.

Thirty-two families have complained about the methods used by the nuns of the Corazon de Cristo Sacerdote Repairing Apostolic Brotherhood to prepare their children to receive their First Communion. They claim that the nuns’ views are extreme and that they are distorting the message of Christianity. The first thing the nuns reportedly did when they arrived in the area was to separate boys from girls. This put parents on their guard and they decided to take a look at the book being used for the classes. It contains scenes from the bible, stories of exemplary contemporary martyrs and the lives of some Saints. The parents also report that nine-year-old girls were being told about martyrdom and how pain can be a form of redemption.

The Brotherhood has failed to comment, and the local mayor is keeping out of the matter.



  1. The parents may have legitimate concerns, but I can’t figure what they are. First, explain what is wrong–much less abusive–with separating the boys from the girls? Secondly, the Bible does include some accounts of saints who died as martyrs. Jesus himself was a martyr, and all of Christianity centers around this event. I’m not sure how you can delete that particular teaching and still remain the church. Could it be that some information was left out. because otherwise the parents complaints seem frivolous and misguided.


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