Man arrested for trying to extort €150,000 from each of a company´s seven partners


A joint operation between Guardia Civil and Almeria and El Ejido Police led to the arrest of a forty-seven-year-old El Ejido man in the town on December 13. The plan would have pocketed the man over €1 million.

It all started when one of the company partners received a letter threatening both he and his family unless a €150,000 sum in used €50 notes was paid. The threats also applied to the other partners, with the total extortion exceeding €1 million. The man later received a phone call from the extortionist confirming the letter demands and reported the threats to the Guardia Civil in November.

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It was determined that the caller was an acquaintance of one of the victims as he kept a business relationship with the company and that he was known to be going through serious financial problems.


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