Almeria Port considering new trading link with Southampton


Several representatives of the Southampton Port Perishable Foods Terminal are visiting Almeria Port (today) to continue talks on a possible future sea link between the two coastal cities. The proposed trading link would allow the introduction of Almeria-grown fruits and vegetables into the British market. A second link with Rotterdam Port, the most important one in Europe, is also being considered as it would allow the distribution of agricultural products from Almeria all over Europe, which happens to be the main market of such products.

The feasibility of exporting Almeria agricultural products to both Southampton and Rotterdam by cold-storage ship as an alternative to land transport has been considered ever since Almeria and Southampton port authority leaders met for the first time at the Fruit Attraction fair in Madrid. However, even though it has been proven that perishable products exported by boat arrive at their destinations in perfect conditions, it has so far been difficult to convince Almeria exporters, who greatly favor land transport.


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