Give us jobs say residents


PEDREGUER council has set aside €300,000 for projects chosen as priorities by local residents.

After a series of meetings with town hall officials the majority of residents decided they want to see part of the allocation spent on social welfare and creating jobs.

As a result it has been decided that €85,000 will be allocated for both these areas.


Further requests include refitting and equipping the culture centre and repairing the tiles at the municipal swimming pool. Residents also asked for a bridge at the Les Galgues industrial estate and improvements to the Camino de la Parra road.

All of the requests and improvements will have to come out of a very slim budget of just €7 million warned Mayor Sergi Ferrus.

The town hall, like all others throughout Spain, was obliged to stay within its budget “without straying one centimetre off course,” he added.


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