Crime boss a model prisoner


GAO PING, the Madrid-based Chinese mafia chief, proved a model prisoner.

He was confined to Villena Prison’s Unit Seven, where prisoners live under less harsh conditions in return for committing to non-conflictive behaviour. While waiting to be bailed  his conduct has been impeccable, prison sources revealed.

Cleaning windows without complaint, he attended classes and workshops, establishing himself as a “brilliant pupil.”


Were he to have stayed longer at Villena, he would have been happy to instruct fellow prisoners in Tai Chi, it has been reported.

“Well-mannered, discreet and respectful” are some of the words used to describe Gao Ping, whom sources said adapted to prison life “in record time.”

When officers did their rounds to count prisoners, he was one of the few who get to their feet to make the task easier, it was revealed.

Neither did he need to use his considerable wealth to “pay for the coffees,” prison slang for buying protection.


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