Malaga, Cordoba and Sevilla provinces unite to offer joint tourism project


MALAGA, Cordoba and Sevilla will unite to offer a joint tourism product. Representatives of the tourism councils of the three Andalucian cities met in Malaga to trace the Andalucia Milenaria campaign. 

This tourism package is targeted at markets outside the European Union, including the United States, Russia, the Middle East, Japan and China. They are aiming for tourists more than seven hours flying time away, since they usually stay for longer and plan to visit several cities during their time in Andalucia.

“The Malaga-Costa del Sol is usually their gateway to Andalucia. This tourist profile is eager for culture and gastronomy. The three cities together can provide an excellent offer,” Malaga Tourism Councillor Damian Caneda said.


Travelling from one city to another is now easier since railway company Renfe launched the Spain Pass. Ticket holders get between four and 12 journeys on AVE (high-speed), AVLD (high-speed long-distance) and Media Distancia (intercity) trains.  They are sold at a set price and can be used for a period of one month.


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