Europe’s first Spaghetti Western themed campsite in Almeria’s Tabernas Desert

Spaghetti Western film set in Tabernas Desert

FEW outsiders know that many of the legendary Spaghetti Westerns starring Clint Eastwood were shot in Almeria’ Tabernas Desert. And almost 50 years after they were shot, local businesses are hoping they can contribute a few dollars more to their tillers. 

The latest to cash in is a campsite in Tabernas, which hopes to create Europe’s first Spaghetti Western themed campsite. There will be space for 300 caravans and plots can be bought for €45,000.


  1. Oh I can remember visiting this place as a child. They put on this show where a cowboy was dragged along the ground, pulled by a horse. I must have been six, yet I still have that memory. Great place for a family vacation so hopefully this will bring some much needed cash to the province.


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