British Judge to decide if ETA terrorist is extradited to Spain


THE decision on the extradition of an alleged ETA terrorist arrested in London last August on a European arrest warrant is to be made by a British judge on December 12.

Kemen Uranga Artola, 43, is wanted by the Spanish National Court for a possible criminal collaboration with terrorists. He allegedly supplied two safe houses in Bilbao to the Vizcaya Commando of ETA in October 2000. Explosives, ammunition and documents on how to make bombs were found in the properties.

There is no evidence that Uranda Artola knew about the two properties, said his defense lawyer Mark Summers. Uranda Artola has rejected being handed over to the Spanish justice system.


He was in court last week and is being held in Belmarch High Security prison. Spanish authorities have asked for a delay, which will give them time to translate documents into English for their evaluation.




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