Plants uprooted in rubbish collection war

RUBBISH REMOVAL council workers remove trees from fellow councillor's home

A WAR between councillors is hotting up after town hall workers uprooted plants and shrubs from around the home of Orihuela Costa representative Bob Houliston.

Four workers from the town hall´s Maintenance Brigade, operating under the authority of Pedro Mancebo, Councillor for Maintenance and Infrastructure, tore up the plants which Houliston had planted 20 years ago.

He said: “It was more than likely an act of revenge in the war of the collection of garden rubbish which Pedro Mancebo, and the services which work for him, are waging on the citizens of Orihuela Costa. ¨They are blaming the residents for the town hall’s failure to efficiently and reliably remove garden waste from the streets.¨


But Bob is not too disappointed.“The job of looking after and pruning these bushes no longer has the same environmental imperative as before. So, thank you Pedro Mancebo.” 

But if he is capable of ordering the uprooting and removal of bushes growing happily embedded in the pavement around my house, why can’t he organise the removal of dead garden waste from the streets of the coast?


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