Dolls looking for a new house


THE Famosa toy factory, split between two plants in Ibi and Onil in inland Alicante, needs a new location.

The company began production 50 years ago and makes the Nancy dolls and Barriguitas dolls that Spanish girls grow up with.
Now controlled by Sun Capital Partners, Famosa employs 350 people and provides indirect employment for another 700. Between August 2011 and August 2012, its turnover increased by 10 per cent to €206 million.
Production is concentrated in Ibi, while the company’s offices and design departments are located in Onil. The management now believes the time has come to find a new site combining both but the decision came as a bombshell in an area known for its toy factories.

An agreement to rent premises in Ibi fell through last week and Famosa has had to renew the search. For preference this will be no further than a 30-minute drive away to enable employees to keep their jobs.
Moving is the only option, said a company source. “Famosa could have gone long ago. We are here because we want to be,” he said.



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