Some of the stories in Spanish newspapers today

Former president of the Catalan Region, Jordi Pujol

Biggest cuts in History

REGIONAL governments are facing their biggest cuts in their history. The cuts in 12 regions will be more than 6.7 billion in 2013, El Pais reported.



Dying alone

AN 80-year-old pensioner and her daughter died at their home in Astorga, Leon. The mother died first followed by the daughter who was blind and handicapped. The public services had reportedly considered the mother not capable to look after the daughter when she took her from a residency to live at home with her, El Pais reported.


Animal experiments to be reduced

SPAIN is to reduce the number of experiments on animals, according to a law which will be ready in two weeks, La Razon reported.


Catalan State

FORMER president of the Catalan Region, Jordi Pujol said that the problem in negotiations for a Catalan State is the “approval we do not see from Prince Felipe,” El Mundo reported.


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