Fuengirola ready to shine as a tourist area


FUENGIROLA has begun procedures to once again become a tourist area.

The town was classified as a tourist area in 2009, but the title is about to run out and Fuengirola wants to maintain the statues for the next four years. The classification is granted by the Provincial Delegation of the Work Council and gives local businesses greater freedom to decide when they open to the public, including holidays.

Meanwhile the Spanish Ministry of Work has said that no changes will be made to the holidays and long weekends until 2014. The Director General of the Work Department has said that there has to be complete consensus regarding the religious holidays of August 15, November 1 and December 6, before they can be moved. However, he expects an agreement before the end of this year with representatives of the Church, the different regions of Spain and workers’ unions and employers’ organizations.



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