€2.17 m to return to normal

TAKING ACTION: Water floods caused many struggles in Malaga province.

MORE than €2.17 million will be invested by the Malaga Government to repair late September storm and flood damages. Money will be distributed, in one hand, to help the 45 towns affected (€1.5 million) and, on the other hand, to road repairs (€675,000).

Towns will be helped in different areas. More precisely, €900,000 will be distributed among 25 towns to optimize the water and sewer systems, but they will mainly be focused on Villanueva del Rosario, Villanueva del Trabuco, Casabermeja and Atajate, which were severely damaged. The remaining €600,000 for town aid will be used on rural roads that are commonly used for agricultural and farming purposes. Road repairs include 47 different regional roads. This area of action is also being supported by the State emergency measures taken days ago.


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