Happy to work? Not as much as last year

DROPPING: Less Spaniards are happy in work this year

ONLY 77.98 per cent of Spanish workers are happy in their jobs, compared with 81.2 per cent last year. The higher a person’s social standing and earning the happier they are, found the Adecco recruitment agency.

Enjoying one’s work, personal satisfaction, good colleagues and a pleasant working environment are considered vital by the majority of those participating in a recent Adecco survey. Good pay was necessary for job satisfaction, a further 12.4 per cent responded.

Artists – actors, musicians and painters – are considered to have the greatest job satisfaction, followed by footballers, sportspeople in general, photographers and archaeologists. Next come vets, researchers, public sector workers, pilots and decorators.


More people now believe that artists, footballers, sportspeople and photographers are happy in their work than in the previous Adecco survey. In contrast, more said that public sector workers are probably less content than a year ago. Women tended to feel that artists and vets are happiest, while men settled for sportspeople and footballers.

Those happiest in their work live in Navarra (88 per cent), followed by Murcia (86.2 per cent) and Extremadura . Aragon has the least contented workers with 71.2 per cent saying they are satisfied, followed by the Canary Islands (71.6 per cent) and Galicians (74.3 per cent).


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