Magnetic jewellery launch

Caroline Coley and Joy Fahey

MEMBERS of Marbella society were among 100 guests who attended the launch of Energetix Wellness magnetic costume jewellery at Volubulis on the Golden Mile.

Energetix Wellness owner Petra Doring from Germany flew in to join local partners Joy Fahey and Chiquita Du Mont to introduce and present the wide array of magnetic jewellery for well-being on display. The power of magnets has fascinated people for thousands of years, and the gathering was told Energetix Wellness´s best selling heart shaped Power Magnet can help relieve back, neck and joint discomfort.


  1. Good morning
    My name is Sophia and I am interested to recieve information in spanish about your product and the benefits of magnetic jewellery.
    I would like to be distributor here in Benalmádena-Fuengirola, and if it is possible to talk to somebody in spanish to know about the network system.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Kindly regards,

    Sophia Tlf. +34 610 44 77 06


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