Happy ending for one tortoise

Tortuga Mora

LOCAL artist Simon Salisbury became a reptile Samaritan after the recent floods when he saved a Tortuga Mora trapped between one of these huge piles of rubbish on the Mojacar coastline.

After carrying it to a local bar, feeding it and taking it to the tortoise sanctuary at Bedar – only to find it had closed – he took it to the vets for a check-up.
Simon took it into the wild away from roads and people and let it go. The tortoises, native to Almeria, often fall foul of roads, but for this one, there was at least a happy ending.

Meanwhile, five small terrapins were found swimming in the floodwater in Pets R Us after the recent disaster. Their eyes were cleaned of mud and put to safety in a domestic bath waiting for the next chapter in their lives.



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