A streetcar named TRAM

COMMUTING: Alicante’s TRAMS used for work and play.

LAST July, Alicante residents used the city’s two TRAM lines for work as well as play. Sixty per cent of TRAM passengers were female and 40 per cent male with an average age of 39.6 years, revealed a survey by the FGV railway system between Alicante city and Denia.

Just over half  – 50.9 per cent – were salaried workers  and 16.8 per cent were students.  A further 12.5 per cent were out of work while 9.6 per cent were pensioners.

Overall, the FGV service between Alicante city and Denia received 80 per cent approval, with the city’s Line 4 TRAM line between Luceros and Plaza de la Coruña receiving the highest ranking of 84 per cent.




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