Seafood fishermen subsidized ten months later

IN PORT: Fishing boats had to suspend operations.

FISHERMEN in Velez Malaga will finally receive help owed to them. They are owed a €160,000 payment of subsidies for suspension of activities last December, according to chief skipper of the Fishermen in Caleta de Velez, Jose Luis Guerrero.

Up to 32 seafood fishing boats in Malaga coast were affected by suspension due to toxic algae (‘red tide’). Such a delay in payments is uncommon, regional representatives said on Tuesday in Malaga.

But the helps for the ‘red tide’ suspension a few weeks ago will also be paid, they assured. Fishermen had claimed that the latest suspension had been lifted a day before completing the 21-day period that entitles them to subsidies.


Most boats entitled to help are based on Caleta de Velez and Fuengirola with ten boats each, said the head of the Fishing Department in Malaga, Elvira Frapolli. A total of 72 fishermen had been affected by the red tide.


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