Now is the time for us all to help

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Queen Sofia visited and expressed her support for the victims.

SO often in the world of the media, the spotlight falls on an area unused to the attention and the glare of publicity. Just as a small village in Wales has become news central for the past 10 days, so Almeria has had to deal with the aftermath of a shocking occurrence.

The Queen and the cameras may have gone, but there are still hundreds of people reeling from the effects of the storms and now is the time to rally our support.

We applaud the efforts of all those who are doing just that, whether it’s Richard Shepherd’s generosity at his restaurant in Villaricos, or the work of those pointing locals in the direction of the Red Cross.


And we will continue to support those fundraising causes in coming weeks. The Euro Weekly News is a community newspaper, pure and simple. The people who read this paper are likely to be the people shattered by the storms.

More importantly, the people who read this paper are also the ones who, like the EWN, can help with their expertise, their time, their effort and their understanding.

We’ve set up an email address [email protected]. It’s not just to hear from those who need help, it’s also for those who can offer it.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s goods, technical help, trades expertise or even financial support.

And if you need something, it doesn’t matter what it is, we’ll try to help or find someone who can. The effort to support those who have suffered should not dim just because the spotlight may have been switched off.




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