Firms halted by flood damage


STORM-DAMAGE caused chaos in parts of Nerja. While damage was not as great as in killer-flooding that ravaged parts of Andalucia and other parts of Spain, rain that started on Friday and continued sporadically through until Saturday took its toll.

Several businesses below-street level were flooded, schools were forced to close, and the beach was riven with tracks where sand eroded and made a bank, creating a waterlog.

Several large holes exposed underground cables, making it impossible to drive in some areas.  A large concrete pipe, which formed a small footbridge over the mouth of the Chillar River was eroded away, exposing other pipes and forcing people to make a detour, and a pipe at the other end was washed around 20 feet down the beach, which was also scattered by rocks washed down by rain, making the Playazo entrance impossible.


Several beach properties also suffered minor damage, with the roof of stables at the end of Playazo damaged. The next door car park was also flooded.


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