Two workers started a fire in Malaga

DOUSED: A helicopter throwing water over the smouldering hillside by El Hornillo, Mijas.

SINCE the Costa del Sol’s worst fire in 20 years there have been a number of minor fires started. The most recent was this Monday in Calle Alcaparron near Pinares de San Anton in Malaga.

Only a thicket was burnt and there was no personal or material damage. Two workers using a radial saw are allegedly responsible. A spark started the flames in a ‘slip’ of the workers, they told police. Whether it was negligence or an offense will be decided by a judge.

Meanwhile, the two men arrested for allegedly starting a fire two weeks ago in Mijas have been released with pending charges and will declare again after final reports are ready.


Both men had also been working with a radial saw and were seen driving away after the fire started. A boy who filmed the escape and neighbours’ reports helped the police find the culprits within hours.

The boy was praised for his collaboration by the mayor of Mijas Angel Nozal. He and his family were handed a thank you letter and a present on Monday at the police station.


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