Coastal areas now cheaper

AFFORDABLE: An average double room in Spain is priced around €108 in September.

COASTAL hotel resorts in Spain are now cheaper, although the national average room rate rose in September.  An overnight stay in a Spanish hotel may cost this month around €108, higher than July and August rates. 

Prices in coastal hotels, although still costly, have been notably reduced. These are some of the findings in September’s Trivago Hotel Price Index, a monthly analysis of hotel prices from the top Internet browsed European and Spanish cities. Prices are for standard double rooms.

Sevilla and Madrid are the most expensive interior cities, hiking prices from August to September by 56 and 35 per cent to an average rate of €103 and €104, respectively.


In the cities of Alicante, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca, hotels prices have descended by 8.5, eight and five per cent. While the capitals of Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol offer average rates of €74 and €92, Palma ranks third in the most expensive cities in Spain after San Sebastian and Barcelona, with an average of €140.

Murcia has one of the lowest average hotel prices at €60. The main European cities are following the same trend, with prices remarkably lifted: Paris (+48%), Brussels (+48%), Rome (+42%), Berlin (+48%), etc. Flying to London, however, is now an 11 per cent cheaper. Blame it on the Olympics.


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