iPhone 5 launch in malaga

© Photo by Bejamin Wickham.

THE iPhone 5 phenomenon arrived at La Cañada centre in Marbella this morning (Friday) as more than 500 people queued to buy the latest version.

And by noon, the shopping centre´s Apple store had sold out, with one family braving the elements with a stockpile of €40,000 !

By 10pm on Thursday, there was a queue of 52 people itching to get their hands of what is expected to the the final iPhone following the death of creator Steve Jobs.


With security guards in place after the centro commercial closed, the Apple store was shrouded in secrecy as preparation work for the morning opening continued, with the queue steadily building to more than 500 by opening time at 8 am, the line stretching from McDonalds to the other end of La Cañada.

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Bejaminn Wickham


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