Nationwide search still on for missing yacht engineer and €30,000

DISTIGUISHING MARK: Paul Scott has a tattoo of 11 stars going from his wrist and up his arm.

POLICE throughout Spain are continuing to search for a British expatriate who has been missing for more than 10 days, along with €30,000 cash.

Interpol has also been alerted with border crossings keeping a watch for 28-year-old Paul Scott.

The Manchester United fan had been a crew member on board the yacht the money went missing from for six months.


He was one of four crew aboard the British-flagged yacht hired privately by passengers to take them from Ibiza to Moraira, north of Alicante on the Costa Blanca.

After dropping off the passengers the yacht docked overnight in Denia, near Moraira, before a planned return trip to Ibiza to pick up other clients.

It was after a night out in Benidorm that it was discovered the money and other items were missing from the safe and there was no sign of Scott.

“Paul had been drinking a lot that night, so we are not sure if it was premeditated or if he found the key and it was a spur of the moment thing,” said Ruth Cherrett, who is from Australia but has lived in Mallorca for 10 years with her husband.

“We had worked with him for six months and he is a really nice guy. We are devastated.” ,” said Ruth Cherrett, who is from Australia but has lived in Mallorca for 10 years with her husband.

Along with the €30,000 cash, personal documents belonging to fellow crew members and jewellery given to Ruth by family – including her late father – went missing.

Due to the theft of passports and other documents, the yacht owner had to book the Russian clients the yacht was scheduled to pick up in Ibiza the next day.

The captain, Dave Cherrett, a Mallorcan expatriate and his wife are planning to go to the local police in Mallorca now that they have returned to the island.

“No more news has come to light, but we suspect his family could be holding back information from us,” said David and Ruth Cherrett.

Paul has a distinctive tattoo of 11 stars from his wrist to his shoulder, standing for Manchester United Premiership wins, according to Ruth Cherrett.

Article by Nicole Hallett


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