Mojacar Coast invasion foreign species to blame

CORAL INVASION: First time find in a protected natural area

AN exotic invasive species of coral has been found by investigators in Torre del Pirulico, Mojacar. The High Scientific Investigation Council has discovered the species called ‘Oculina patagonica,’ which has covered 55 per cent of the surface that has been studied by investigators. This type of coral had been found in the past in manmade sea areas including ports and marinas; however this is the first time a well-protected natural area has been found to be invaded. Marine biologists are worried about the effects this new species may have on the Mediterranean food chain. Many believe this is due to the local specie, the ‘Cladocora caespitose,’ dying out because of global warming, which also seems to favour the invasive ‘Oculina Patagonica.’ 


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