Castle renovations at risk

Acreditar foto a Manuel M. Ramos
GOVERNMENT DELAYS: Regional government will stop Project and reclaim €600,000


MAYOR Gonzalo Fernandez stated that “The Government’s delay is endangering the Salobreña Castle renovation project.” Town hall has reportedly been waiting almost five months for the Ministry of Public Works to pay for 60 per cent of the restoration work, which is co-financed by the Junta de Andalucia. According to Fernandez, if the Government does not pay soon, the regional government team will have the right to take back the €600,000 pledged to renovate the castle and stop the project completely. Salobreña Castle is a Nazari-style fortification that was built in the tenth Century with Arabic and Christian influences. According to local government sources it is in need of renovations to stabilise the monument and uphold its structure.

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