Peace is Possible – By Edmund Mazeika


IN the future the world is at peace. War is a thing of the past. Global population has stabilised. Global climate is precisely managed. Humans have evolved to be many times more conscious and intelligent than in centuries past.

Planetary-wide cooperation has led to an advanced space travel programme. The early 21st century, when a great movement towards peace began, is looked at as the pivotal point in human history.

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The 20th century is looked at as the primitive past, a tragic era before humankind learnt to live in peace. This book is about the nuts and bolts and the philosophy to bring about this greatest revolution.

Let us begin to imagine humanity living in peace: the society of the future, the economy of the future, and the government of the future. This is the blueprint and wiring diagram behind the world of the future. This is your invitation to be a part of this great movement and fabulous renaissance.



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