Fewer doing time in Spanish jails

The number of prisoners fell for second year in a row.

THE number of prisoners in Spanish jails fell in 2011 for the second year running to 70,472. Overall, there was a 4.6 per cent reduction in Spain’s prison population with 65,184 men (4.3 per cent fewer than in 2011) and 5,288 women (8.6 per cent fewer).

The number of 24,524 foreign prisoners – 34.8 per cent of the total –  was also lower in 2011 than in the preceding year. With 16.174 prisoners (15,069 men and 1,105 women), Andalucia has more inmates than any other Spanish region.  It is followed by Cataluña with 10,497 (9,759 men and 738 women), Madrid with 9,503 (8,364 men and 1,139 women) and the Valencian Community with 7,397 (6,834 men and 563 women).


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