40 people required emergency medical care due to heat


FORTY people have required emergency medical assistance in Almeria due to the extreme temperatures. The regional government has established a yearly ‘Health Prevention Plan against the Effects of High Temperatures,’ which informs locals and visitors of how they can protect themselves from the extreme temperatures and keeps record on the number of people who require medical assistance due to heat-related health issues. According to the Health and Social Wellness Council of Almeria 15 people needed emergency medical assistance due to cramps, dehydration, and exhaustion due to the heat, while the other 25 cases were related to previous illnesses which were worsened by the temperatures. 

Weather forecasts for August initially predict temperatures between 24 and 35 degrees, although temperatures of above 40ºC can also be expected. The Health and Wellness Council has issued a series of recommendations to present these problems, which involve staying hydrated, avoiding sun exposure during the middle of the day and healthy food choices. These measures are especially important for senior citizens s and children, as they are at a higher risk of suffering the effects of the heat.

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