1,725 people were stung by jellyfish in July


CIVIL PROTECTION volunteers had to treat 1,725 beachgoers for jellyfish strings this July at Almuñecar beaches. 

According to the head of Almuñecar’s civil defence department, Cecilio Fajardo, beachgoers are not willing to listen to the recommendations of the beaches’ lifeguards, despite being told that they are endangering their lives. July’s report informed of a total of 26 lifeguard boats having to assist people who were in danger of hurting themselves or others while sailing. The volunteers in charge of the beaches of Almuñecar have also helped find six lost people; they have taken 11 to nearby health centres and treated 90 for injuries at the beach. These numbers have shown that the number of injuries and dangerous activities have risen this year, many of which may be helped if citizens listen to lifeguards. 

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