Ferrara beach erosion to be stopped soon

Ferrara Beach: At the mercy of storms

FERRARA beach in Torrox will soon have two offshore breakwaters to protect it from erosion. According to the Mayor of Torrox, Francisco Muñoz, the Coast and Sea Maintenance Department has planned to carry out repairs on Ferrara beach, which has been continuously losing sand for the past several decades due to storms. The plan involves building two breakwaters; one parallel to the beach and the other perpendicular to the coast. The parallel breakwater will be 150 metres long, and the perpendicular breakwater will be smaller; 120 metres long and will be located across from the lighthouse. The construction to save Torrox’s most famous beach currently is waiting to be studied by a government environmentalist department. 

The head of the Coast and Sea Department has specified that the work will only affect the sea in front of the beaches, and that the promenade will remain the same as it always has been. The local government also pointed out that this construction will be very important for the town and its economy, “due to the damage that is done to the beach year after year, also affection tourism and the local economy.” Muñoz also proposed the works be done in phases in order to begin without delay. 


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