Javea launches its own organic crop programme


THE coastal resort town of Javea has launched its own organic crop programme. From this week, the council backed ‘Terra Xabia’ organisation will have its own stall in the weekly market, displaying a variety of locally grown organic vegetables for sale at competitive prices.

Juan Luis Cardona, councillor for Agriculture and Economic development said he was pleased with the initial results of the scheme and the immediate acceptance of the product by the public. He added that he expected to attract more local farmers into the organic conversion programme and eventually create a permanent position for all growers within the old town indoor Market. Apart from direct public sales, farmers and stakeholders in the ‘Terra Xabia land bank,’ will also be encouraged to sell directly online or to local restaurants and bars. For further information, contact the Javea trade office in Calle Rogues.



Article by Benny Davis


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