Canal Sur filming in Mojacar


A TELEVISION film crew came to Mojacar to record part of a documentary series about people who live by the sea.  The crew also filmed in Roquetas del Mar, Cabo de Gata, Isla Alboran and the “lonja” fisherman’s market in Garrucha.  The programme, filmed last Sunday, is part of the third series of, “Los Habitantes del Mar,” will be shown on Canal Sur 2 at the end of the summer.  

Presenter Manuel Rodriguez said that he had thought that Mojacar was mostly inhabited by foreign people.  However, he had been surprised to meet many Spanish residents and holiday-makers from cities like Seville and Madrid.  He said that as well as the area’s spectacular beaches and views, the people of all nationalities, were very open and friendly.  

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The crew visited Mojacar Pueblo and Macenas in the morning, filming local people such as artist and researcher Marcela Montoya, talking about why Mojacar is so special.  They continued onto Tito’s Beach Bar at the far end of Mojacar Playa, filming the restaurant and kitchen.  After lunch with Tito himself, they interviewed more local personalities such as Colombian osteopath Enrique Arias.  Clive Sarstedt and Maurice Casanove, who play at Tito’s every Sunday, were live on stage.  

Rodriguez said that despite the recession, the hotels, bars and tourist attractions the crew visited had been very busy and lively.  He said he thought that people were still going out, but got the impression from talking to people that they were now spending less.  “People still go out because beer and tapas are part of our culture.  Now maybe people have one beer instead of three though,” he said.  Tito, who recently celebrated his 70th birthday, has been running his beach bar for more than 30 years.  He said that it was always good to get TV coverage, “Mojacar is such a great place and really needs the publicity.” 



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